August 23, 2017

Welcome to My Portfolio

I started my career as a programmer over 25 years ago, but quickly realized I enjoyed designing flowcharts and writing documentation better than I did writing code. I had the opportunity to switch careers when Bristol Myer Squibb hired me as a consultant to write their technical user guides for their in-house financial systems. I haven't looked back since.

I was pleased to learn that my programming training and Communications background really partnered well and had prepared me for writing clear and concise technical material. I found that I could often refer to programmers' specifications for background information and only needed to ask the technical staff questions when necessary, which turned out to be beneficial during tight deadlines.

Although I am not an artist, I am artistic and enjoy designing graphics to go with the manuals whenever I can. I always try to incorporate existing logos and match colors and fonts with any existing material in order to create a cohesive "look and feel." If none exist, I am always more than happy to work with the client and create a "look and feel" that they are excited about.