August 23, 2017

5 Easy Superhero Crafts Help Create Your Own Superhero Identity

Kids love their superheroes making superhero craft ideas and projects ranking as one of their top favorites. Children love the idea of possessing extraordinary or superhuman powers and fighting to protect the public from evildoers. Creating a superhero identity of their own by making superhero inspired crafts including colorful, bold capes and masks make for imaginative and creative playtime. Here are five easy crafts to make with your child to create their own superhero identities:

  1. Create a Superhero Persona – Ask them questions about the type of superhero they want to be. What are their special superhero powers? Do they have a sidekick? If so, what’s their sidekick’s name? What type of costume and cape do they wear? How did they become a superhero? Do they have a secret, special hideaway? Do they use special gadgets to fight crime? If so, what are they? Do they have an evil villain that they fight? If so, how do they fight this villain and why? Answering these questions will help your child determine the type of superhero that they want to be.
  2. Cape – Make a cape out of an old white towel and use fabric markers or paint to decorate it. Cut two holes along the top and insert ribbon or cord so that they can tie the cape securely around their neck. Alternatively, you can use a disposable white paper tablecloth or purchase a superhero cape craft kit that has all the supplies.
  3. Mask – Purchase a store bought mask that you can embelish with glitter, feathers or sequins. Alternatively, you can download an online mask template and print on cardstock and paint or color.
  4. Cuff bands – Superhero cuff bands are really easy to make and can really spruce up the outfit with little effort. Make them from paper or craft foam into a two inch wide strip that is long enough to fit around your child’s wrists. Decorate with paint, sequins or markers.
  5. Emblem or Crest – Draw an emblem or crest for you superhero or find an online template or design that you like. Then, add some pictures and text that gives voice to your superhero. You can put it on a superhero cape, mask, or even use for the cover of a shield. Having a hard time, coming up with an emblem or crest to decorate?

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