August 23, 2017

5 Quick and Easy Puppet Ideas for Children

Children love to make puppets! Puppetry allows children to use their imagination to create puppet masterpieces and then use their masterpieces during dramatic play in the classroom, children’s theatre groups, and storytelling.

Puppet play is a great way for children to verbalize their feelings and to practice performing in front of an audience. Children who have difficulty expressing themselves can often immerse themselves into the character of the puppet and verbalize feelings that they might otherwise have difficulty expressing when using puppets during dramatic play.

Here are five easy to make puppet ideas for children:

  1. Craft Stick Puppets– Cut out a picture of a person or animal from a magazine, download an image from a computer program or the Internet, or draw your own. Glue it onto a craft stick for an instant puppet.
  2. Paper Plate Puppet – Glue or draw a face onto a paper plate. Use markers, paints, or crayons to decorate your puppet. It’s fun to add details to your puppets by using embellishments like yarn for hair, ribbons for eyebrows, pompoms for noses, pipe cleaners for animal whiskers, and buttons for eyes. Glue them onto the paper plate. When dry, tape a wooden paint stick (available at Home Depot and paint and hardware stores) to the back of the plate. An internet search on ‘Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids’ will turn up tons of ideas to jump start your imagination.
  3. Two Finger Card Stock Puppets – These are fun puppets to make because children will cut two holes at the bottom of the puppet and use their fingers to make them walk, dance, and move around. Find a picture of a person or animal, draw your own, or use a template and glue onto some card stock. Then, color, paint or decorate your two-finger puppet. Simply cut two holes at the trunk of the puppet and use your fingers as legs.
  4. Cardboard Roll Puppet People – Cover a cardboard roll with white paper and tape it around the roll. Add features with crayons, markers or paint. Alternatively, you can cut out a picture from a magazine or old greeting card. You can add a paper baking cup skirt by cutting out the bottom of the cup and gluing it to the roll or design costumes and hats from construction paper and glue them to the front of the cardboard roll. A search on ‘Cardboard Roll Puppets’ will yield lots of free, printable templates that you can print out, color, and simply glue around the cardboard tube. To make your puppet perform, insert two fingers in the bottom of the roll and move up and down or tape a craft stick inside the bottom of the roll and use as a handle.
  5. Paper Bag Puppets – Lunch-sized paper bags are easily transformed into fun-to-use puppets. You can draw a mouth on the edge of the paper bag fold and add facial features. Slide your hand inside the bag and bend four fingers to fit inside the folded flap. When you move your fingers slightly, it makes the puppet’s mouth move and looks like he’s speaking. Optionally, you can add arms or wings from construction paper and tape to the side of the bag. Bags come in a variety of colors and make good choices for animal puppets, such as green for a frog, yellow for a duck, or pink for a pig puppet.

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