August 23, 2017

Learn How to Personalize Kid’s Items

Personalize Children’s Items the Easy Way

It’s easy to personalize your children’s favorite plastic or metal items, such as plastic pails, plastic storage containers, and other plastic items. These make great party favors, especially the sand pails for summer birthday parties. I’ve even used them to hold potato chips, macaroni salad, sand cakes and more. It makes a colorful summer-inspired table decoration as well as a useful tool to hold food items. You can even use the shovel as a serving utensil. They’re fun and easy and inexpensive too.

Children’s sand pails look adorable as birthday party favors, especially when you personalize them with the children’s names. As long as you have the right supply, it’s really simple to do. It’s as easy as, well, writing your name.

Here are a few quick tips on how to decorate the pails in a simple, 1,2,3 style. You’ll be surprised how professional they will look. The trick really is to use the right type of markers and use some fun, easy to draw embellishments that will make you look like a pro.

Here you go:

  • Use simple child-like writing (or font) in a variety of markers. To make it straight, use scotch tape and measure about 1 /3 from the top of the item that you will be personalizing.
  • Use the tape as a level, and write the child’s name above the tape. When finished, remove the tape and add some simple circles along the end points of each of the letters. Finish with a simple curved line beneath the name. If you want to go a step further, you can add some flowers for the girls. Just simple easy to draw flowers work best. Because they are for children and you are going for a kid-like look, the more simple the better. Think of your favorite flower you drew in 3rd grade and you’ll be spot on.
  • And for boys, chose simple easy graphics like a soccer ball or sailboat.
  • For some easy patterns to copy, check out the free online craft classes at

You didn’t know it was this easy to be an artist, did you?

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