August 23, 2017

Glenn Fisher Logs Over 550 Volunteer Hours

By Pam Laughlin

Glenn Fisher – BRHS Senior Logged over 550 Volunteer Hours to Help Raise Funds for Hospital Equipment

Glenn, a senior at the Bridgewater-Raritan High School, has been volunteering in a little town in New Hampshire since age 13 at the Hospital Aid Street Fair to raise funds to purchase equipment for patient care at the local hospital.

Glenn first learned of the event while vacationing with his family in Wolfeboro at age 13 and asked if he could work at the Hospital Aid Street Fair which is the largest non-profit volunteer organization in town. This fair has been in existence for 73 years and consists of 22 booths of donated items – such as dishes, clothes, toys, books and electronics. For the past few years, this fair has raised over $100,000 to purchase equipment for patient care at the local Huggins Hospital.

The tent that put this thirteen year old boy’s talent to best use was the Electronics tent. That first year his computer knowledge was utilized by testing equipment. In 2006, in addition to testing, Glenn also organized the equipment that was donated to sell at the fair. In 2007, the chairperson in charge of the fair gave Glenn the total responsibility of managing the Electronics tent and he has run it every year since.

Since first starting at age 13, Glenn has volunteered over 550 hours to help raise money for the hospital. All the volunteers were amazed that this young man could so easily assume so many responsibilities. In the 73 years, he is the youngest volunteer to run a tent, which involves sorting and testing hundreds of items, arranging the tent, setting prices and selling. This year with Glenn’s great sales ability, he doubled the amount sold over the previous year.

From 2005 to 2010, Glenn has volunteered over 120 hours each summer and worked over 12 hours per day, always with a smile on his face and a willingness to help any fellow volunteer at the fair. At the fair when his Mom took over at lunch break, people interested in purchases told her that they would “wait for the kid” because he knew everything about the equipment.

Jane Wass, co chair of the Hospital Aid Street Fair, has this to say about Glenn, “He is a unique young man who has impressed our community with his knowledge, kindness, enthusiasm, responsibility and dedication. As he goes away to college, he will be missed by all of the volunteers who have always counted on his help. We all wish Glenn success in his future endeavors.”

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